jenna coker-jones

Actress. Singer. Comedic "Firecracker". Crazypants.

What do a married couple in the entertainment business do in their spare time??? Here's an inside look into our normal living room shenanigans.

The Joneses.

On 1 couch.

Singing 1 song.

In 1 take.


Featuring upcoming musicals in Chicago & Beyond.

Below are all the episodes in order!!!!

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Chris & Jenna live there best life... in the 80's. 1 couch. 1 song. 1 take.  Jenna has already clocked in the most famous 80's musicals already... why not this one? #jennawasbornwith80'sHAIR

We get super sentimental with this epic 80's ballad. I mean, wouldn't you???? Normal Living Room Banter.

This week----Chris & Jenna dive into one of the most talked about shows on Broadway now. It sure is sweet. Click to find out! #castustho

This weeks episode has Jenna diving into her OCD a little deeper than normal... is that possible??!! #NewDawnRising #castmePLEASE #thisshowismyHEART

Lil P (Presley Rose Jones) gets her shot on the Casting Couch as she rocks out her current dream role of Lulu in Waitress the Musical.  #familypackage 

Chris & Jenna get "close" as they rock out some #inappropriate behavior from Waitress the Musical. #familypackage

Check out this week's episode as Chris "Hams" it up in a very "King"-like fashion. PS. he might have a furry side kick. guest starring: Rocket

This week's episode is dedicated to Miss Presley Rose and Disney Fans everywhere!! Thank you for letting us live our childhood dreams of being absolute Disney Royalty. #ANNAismyLIFE #annaismyspiritanimal

After multiple HAMILTON requests---We snagged special guest Shaun Taylor-Corbett (@shauntcsong) for this weeks CASTING COUCH!! #JustsayNO
This week Jenna is all GREEN going solo in one of her favorite musical theatre moments she's had in her career so far... sitting on a trash can talking about hopes, dreams, and a toaster... what's better than that???? @jennacokerjones @chriskalejones

"Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think"